Antistat has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing Leader Tape Extenders, SMT Feeders and SMT Carrier Tapes, offering SMT Splice Tapes and Tools for all surface mount applications.

Antistat produces and distributes a wide range of production tools and consumables that are used for ESD splicing and jointing. These items include Shims, SMD Tapes & Extenders, Tape Connectors, Splice Tools and more!

Our Splicing Tools provide a quick and easy method of joining component reel tapes together. The tools are suitable for both paper and plastic component tapes, the splicing tool enables component tapes to be joined quickly and securely through the use of a brass shim.

For accurate alignment, the tapes are first placed onto the pins and locked into place. The shim is then riveted into the cut ends of the SMD tapes, joining them securely. Finally, the tapes are joined by using pre-cut adhesive tape connectors, which are available in different widths to suit different SMD tapes.

Check out the Splice Tape product range and see our handy video ‘Splicing Carrier Tape in 4 Easy Steps’ below. If you need further information or require a quote, please email us

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For further information on the Antistat range of SMT Shims, Tapes, Tools and Cover Tape Connectors – all of which can be supplied singularly in kit form or in bulk please fill in the form below or ring 512-580-4220.

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