SMT Splice Tape & Tools

SMT Splice Tapes & Tools

Antistat has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing Splice Tape Extenders, SMT Feeders and SMT Carrier Tapes. Offering SMT Splice Tapes and Tools for all surface mount applications.

Antistat Inc. produces and distributes a wide range of production tools and consumables that are used in ESD splicing and jointing. These items include Shims, SMT Tapes & Extenders, Tape Connectors, Splice Tools and more!

Our Splicing Tools provide a quick and easy method of joining component reel tapes together. Suitable for both paper and plastic component tape, the splicing tool enables component tapes to be joined quickly and securely through the use of a brass shim.

For accurate alignment, the tapes are first arranged by means of the locating pins and locked into place. The shim is then riveted into the cut ends of the SMD tapes joining them securely. Finally, the cover tapes are joined by use of pre-cut adhesive tape connectors, available in different widths to suit different SMD tapes.

Check out the Splice Tape product range and see our handy video ‘Splicing Carrier Tape in 4 Easy Steps’  below. If you need further information or require a quote, please email us

Splice Tape Connectors

Splice tape connector

Splice Tape Connectors help increase production and can be used on all SMT pick and place feeders. They provide a safe and reliable way to splice carrier tape together ensuring a precise secure join.

Splice Tape Extenders

Splice Tape Extenders PET type

Splice Tape Extenders provide an additional 19″ of tape as a leader, preventing component reel wastage and helps to reduce machine downtime. Available in a variety of widths we have a solution available for your SMD tape size.

Splice Carrier Tape

Black Splice Carrier Tape

Carrier Tape with punched holes for use with all major SMT Pick and Place feeders and is enclosed with a top and bottom cover, the tape is designed to be stored on a reel when not in use. Available in a range of colors and sizes.

Double Splice Tape

Double Splice Tape - yellow

Double Splice Tape guarantees perfect and reliable joints on all kinds of carrier tape. Double Splice Tape provides precise joining and is available in 8mm 12mm and 14mm widths.

SMT Manual Splice Tool

SMT Component Reel Splice tool

SMT Manual Splice Tool can either use a single brass shim or a single splice tape with combined shim to splice together two ends of Splice carrier tape together.

Semi-Automatic Splice Tool

Semi Automatic SMT Splice Tool

Semi-Automatic Splice Tool for use with bandolier brass shims for increased productivity. Stapler designed hand tool, durable and can be used for all SMT material.

Single Brass Shims

single brass shims

Single Splice Shims are non-adhesive pure brass shims providing a secure and reliable connection when joining together splice carrier tape.

Bandolier Brass Shims

Bandolier Type Brass Shims

Bandolier Brass Shims provide a safe and reliable way to join reels together ensuring a precise secure join between the two tapes.

Splice Tape with Shims (combined)

Splice Tape (shim) combined

Splice Tape with shims can be an easy solution in assisting increased production and can be used on all SMT pick and place feeders.

How to Splice Carrier Tape

       Splice Tape User Guide

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All of our range can be supplied singularly in kit form or in bulk.