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    Static Shielding Bags (Grip Seal)

    Antistat’s grip seal metalized static shielding bags are designed to give total protection against static damage to electronic components. The 4-layer construction creates a Faraday cage enclosure, shielding sensitive contents from charges from inside and out, making it ideal for static-sensitive components like PCBs. The semi-transparent material allows for easy content identification, and the grip seal ensures contents are safely stored until required.

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    Adhesive Mat

    Our Adhesive Mats are multi-layered, low-profile mats made up of 30 easy-peel layers with an adhesive surface. These are essential in clean room areas where particle contamination must be kept to a minimum.

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    Adhesive Mat Frame

    These frames provide a uniform, effective base for adhering tack mats securely while permitting easy removal of the last sheet. They also enhance the appearance of mats. Frames are held in place by a non-skid base.

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