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    ESD Wash Bottle

    A durable ESD Safe Wash Bottle with angled nozzle for accurate, even dispensing. This reusable bottle is available in 8oz or 16oz, and is produced from non-greasy, cleanroom safe static dissipative polyethylene.

    Helps to meet ESD-T20.20-2000.

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    ESD Water Bottle

    These high quality ESD Water Bottles are designed to be used within cleanroom and ESD protected areas where workstations must not have items or equipment that generate static charges. The bottle is ideal for dispensing water in order to precision clean equipment, products or delicate instruments.


    Available from stock in two sizes – 8oz or 16 oz.


    Please note: Longer lead times will apply at present due to high production demands.

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    ESD White 3/4 Length Lab Coat

    This White ESD 3/4 Lab Coat has a specially integrated conductive fibre that dissipates static charges. The durable polyester and cotton mix fabric allows the garment to be worn for long periods of time, with great operator comfort. It is also easy to maintain as the coat is machine washable and can be ironed, maintaining its electrical properties after more than 50 industrial launderings.

    Available in six sizes, from X-Small to XX-Large.

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    Fabric Adjustable Dual Wire – ESD Wrist Strap

    Antistat Dual Conductor Anti-static Strap provides two connections to ground, ensuring the operator has a reliable path-to-ground at all times. The fully adjustable fabric strap has a high-quality conductive interior. One size fits all.

    See below for more product details and accompanying datasheet.

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    Fabric ESD Wrist Strap – Adjustable – Hypo-Allergenic

    A comfortable, fully Adjustable Fabric Antistatic Wrist strap designed for people who suffer from allergic reactions to standard anti-static wrist straps. The fabric design is hypoallergenic, being produced with stainless steel. For even greater flexibility, the strap comes with either a 10mm or 4mm stud according to your needs.

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    Floor Matting Anti-Slip

    A multi-purpose, anti-static / ESD mat for use on either workstation benches or as a flooring solution in the workshops of advanced laboratories for microelectronic industries. Made from anti-static (conductive) and static-dissipative materials with synthetic rubber.

    Easy to clean and resistant to impact, cuts and tears.

    *Sizes rounded up to nearest imperial foot. See table below for exact dimensions.

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    Hazard Marking Tape

    Our highly visible Hazard Marking Tape designed to mark hazardous areas. The 108ft (33m) long rolls of tape are manufactured from a heavily plasticized film that is then coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive for a strong hold. The tape is ideal for hazardous working areas that need to be clearly marked out to prevent unauthorized access.

    Suitable for use in factory and manufacturing settings, and all hazardous areas.

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    High Temperature Masking Tape (Kapton Tape)

    This High Temperature Polyimide Tape is ideal for masking printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip processes, as well as for solder wave masking and electrical insulation. This product has remarkable dimensional stability and excellent electrical and physical properties over a wide range of temperatures.

    Available in 8 different widths.

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    Kapton Tape

    Our Kapton Polyimide Tape is produced from branded DuPont film. It provides superior masking properties and – with its silicon-adhesive backing – is suitable for fixing, masking and sealing in high temperature and voltage applications such as soldering.

    Available as an Antistatic or Standard product, select your preference below.

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    Moisture Barrier Bags (3.6Mil)

    Antistat’s puncture-resistant Moisture Barrier Bags, 3.6Mil – are produced specifically to protect sensitive equipment and products from electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) and moisture damage during transit or storage. The bags conform easily to the shape of products for vacuum packing and also providing near perfect puncture resistance. Offering very low gas and moisture permeation, the inner core of polyethylene allows for extremely reliable hermetic sealing. These bags offer maximum resistance to vapor and oxygen penetration.

    Available in multiple thicknesses and sizes, and specific custom manufacturing to suit your requirement, we always have a moisture barrier bag to meet your needs.

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    Moisture Barrier Bags (4.4Mil)

    Our high-quality Moisture Barrier Bags (4.4Mil) protect sensitive equipment and products from both electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) and moisture damage during shipping and storage. The puncture-resistant, opaque and light-fast 4.4mil material ensures that the contents cannot be seen, offering additional operational security.

    Suitable for vacuum-sealing, moisture barrier bags offer maximum resistance to vapor and oxygen.

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    Self-Adhesive Inspection Arrows

    Self-Adhesive Inspection Arrows available in two striking colour-ways: red and black, or yellow and black. These vibrant markers are designed pin point areas on printed circuit boards, and they leave low residue on removal.

    14,400 markers per pack.