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    ESD PU Tip Gloves – Carbon

    Our PU-Tipped Carbon Filament Gloves are ideal for use when handling or transporting devices and components that are susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge. While each finger has a polyurethane coating to the tip sections, the back and palm of the glove remain uncoated to provide good ventilation to the hand, avoiding perspiration.

    Available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

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    ESD PU Tip Gloves – Carbon Stripe

    Our Static Dissipative Knitted Carbon Gloves with polyurethane fingertips are ideal for handling electronic parts. The natural light grey carbon stripe and white coated fingertips are complemented by colour-coded cuffs to denote glove size. White for Small, Green for Medium, Grey for Large and Yellow for Extra Large.

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    ESD PU Tip Gloves – Copper

    Our Knitted Gloves with Conductive Copper Filament and Polyurethane Fingertips are the perfect choice for added ESD protection. The copper liner is one of our best sellers, used in environments where protection against ESD is critical, and the PU fingertips give better grip and protection when handling sensitive components.

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    ESD PU Tip Gloves – Nylon

    These ESD knitted Nylon Gloves with Polyurethane (PU) Coating on the finger tip sections are ideal for handling electronic parts, providing extra grip and protection against sharp edges. An essential piece of kit in your ESD protected area, as well as benefiting the wearer, these gloves offer additional protection against damage to components and devices during handling.

    Available from stock for immediate despatch.

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    ESD Trash Sack Liners

    Our ESD Trash Liners are specifically designed for the particular needs of the electronics industry and, when used in conjunction with our range of conductive trash cans, give a better ESD-safe solution to waste disposal in a static controlled and protected areas. Available in a range of six colors, these 110 liter trash sacks are sold in packs of 100.

    Printed in black with the ESD caution logo and text.

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    ESD Round Storage Bottle with Lid

    These durable ESD Round Storage Bottles with Lids are suitable for a range of applications that require protection from static charges. Available in a selection of sizes, these practical bottles can be used for storage, packaging and shipping of cleanroom solvents and chemicals.

    Suitable for use in EPAs and cleanrooms.

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    ESD Seamless Knit Gloves – Carbon

    Our static dissipative Carbon Seamless Knitted Gloves are suitable for handling electronic parts and ideal for reducing cross contamination. This natural light grey glove is manufactured from 80% nylon and 20% carbon (knitted with 13 gauge).

    Choose from a range of four available sizes as standard.

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    ESD Seamless Knit Gloves – Carbon Stripe

    Comfortable ESD Seamless Knit Gloves with dissipative carbon stripe filament, making these ideal for use when handling electronic parts. Available in four sizes as standard and manufactured from 90% nylon and 10% carbon, these gloves have good stretch and fit, helping to ensure user dexterity.

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    ESD Seamless Knit Gloves – Copper

    These ESD Seamless Knit Gloves are knitted with a conductive copper filament, ideal for minimising cross-contamination when handling electronic parts. Manufactured from 80% nylon and 20% copper, these warm and comfortable gloves have good stretch and fit with breathability.

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    ESD Seamless Knit Gloves – Nylon

    These 100% Nylon, Seamless Knitted Static Dissipative Gloves are ideal for minimizing contamination from hands when working with electronics. Their elastic, breathable and dust-free properties also help to maintain user comfort.

    If you need more information, simply send us a message via live chat.

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    ESD Solvent Dispenser

    An ESD safe Solvent Dispenser produced from static dissipative polyethylene and supplied with a pump action lid for simple, hands-free solvent dispensing. This easy to fill container is available in three different sizes to suit your requirements.

    Also suitable for cleanroom use.

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    ESD Spray Bottle – Pump Action

    These high-quality Pump Action ESD Spray Bottles come in a range sizes – 2oz, 8oz and 16oz – to suit many precision cleaning tasks. The durable, static dissipative polyethylene material is designed to withstand continuous use within cleanrooms whilst maintaining a static free environment.