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    ESD Fleece

    A unisex ESD Fleece for wearing during the cooler months, or for use in low temperature static controlled environments. The warm, polyester material has a 3% carbon fibre element for ESD resistance. The garment features two side pockets, full length front zip fastening and a sewn ESD logo for easy identification of operators.

    Available in nine sizes in either light grey or navy blue.

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    ESD Floor Marking Tape

    This self-adhesive, high visibility Floor Marking Tape is designed to be used to mark the boundaries of ESD Protected Areas. It adheres very well to synthetic flooring such as PVC floor tiles, and can also be confidently used on concrete floors, where it can be expected to withstand traffic, dust particles and remain intact for several months.

    Choose from a wide range of colors to clearly mark your EPA boundaries.

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    ESD Flux Bottle

    Designed for precision dispensing of flux, solvents and lubricants, the high quality ESD flux bottles are made from a static dissipative polyethylene material and are available with either 20 or 26 gauge stainless steel needle tips.

    Part of a range of ESD static dissipative bottles and dispensers for a coordinated look.

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    ESD Heel Grounder – Hook & Loop Fastener

    Durable and hard-wearing ESD Heel Grounder is supplied with a hook & loop closure for quick and easy adjustment. The grounders are completely reusable for long term use as they can be non-machine washed with soft detergent. Designed to be used in conjunction with all ESD flooring or matting, each heel grounder incorporates a 1 Meg Ohm safety resistor.

    Conforms to the requirements of ANSI/ESD SP9.2- 2019 and can be used as part of an ANSI/ESD S20.20 programme.

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    ESD Heel Strap with Clip Fastener

    Durable ESD Heel Strap Grounder which includes a simple clip fastener. The heel strap ensures continuous ESD protection and continued long-term use. The clip fastener is a handy alternative to a hook and loop strap with its quick open and close function.

    Durable, reusable, and available from stock.

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    ESD Heel Strap with Clip Fasten – Fluorescent

    A durable, ESD fluorescent-yellow heel strap designed to be easily visible in the ESD working zone. These heel grounders have a simple snap release for quick & easy use. Robust enough for long term use and suitable for hand washing in mild detergents.

    Can be used in combination with all ESD flooring and matting.

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    ESD Metal Wrist Strap – Adjustable

    A fully expandable ESD Metal Wrist Strap produced in a stainless steel link system. Available in a range of sizes, and with an inherent elasticity due to design, there is constant operator skin contact on wrists of all sizes.

    Also suitable for use in cleanrooms. Order yours today.

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    ESD Protected Area Sign – Self-Adhesive

    This self-adhesive ESD Protected Area Sign is suitable for use in both cleanroom and ESD protected workspaces. Printed in yellow and black onto PVC, the ESD cautionary text is supported by the industry-standard logo.

    Available in five different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

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    ESD PU Palm Glove – Carbon Stripe

    A Static Dissipative Knitted Glove with carbon stripe filament and PU coating on the palm and fingertips, they are ideal for handling electronic parts. These gloves, with their natural light grey carbon stripe and white coated palm, have colored cuffs to enable quick visual identification of the size required. White for Small, Green for Medium, Grey for Large and Yellow for Extra Large.

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    ESD PU Palm Gloves – Copper

    Our ESD PU Palm Gloves containing conductive copper are ideal for safely handling electronic parts. Manufactured from 80% nylon and 20% copper (knitted with 13 Gauge) with a polyurethane palm coating, these high-quality gloves – available in a range of sizes – offer the ideal safety solution to prevent damage and avoid downtime.

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    ESD PU Palm Gloves – Nylon

    This white, lightweight, Static Dissipative Glove with PU coated Palm is a popular choice with those who need to handle electronic parts and components. The polyurethane coating on palm and fingers help to prevent product contamination as well as offering excellent grip and ESD protection. Meanwhile, the uncoated back of the glove provides ventilation, helping to perspiration and clamminess.

    Available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large

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    ESD PU Palm Striped Gloves

    Our low-cost, lightweight Static Dissipative Gloves with PU coated Palm are ideal for electronic assembly and packing, being manufactured from an elastic, non-bright processed fabric containing a continuous filament knitted with a carbon core. The polyurethane glove palm is complemented by a 100% polyester back, with a conductive carbon line every 10mm.

    Available in four sizes from stock. Order up today.