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    ESD Protected Area Sign – Rigid

    This rigid ESD Protected Area Sign is ideal for cleanroom and ESD protected workspaces. Printed in yellow and black onto 3mm foamex, the written message is accompanied by the ESD cautionary logo.

    Available in a variety of languages other than English. Contact the team for more details.

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  • Brass Shims - bandolier
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    Bandolier Brass Shims

    Bandolier Brass Shims are designed to pierce through all types of paper and plastic leader tapes. Can be used with the Semi-Automatic Splice Tool and splice tape of any width.

     4000 shims per box, 20 shims per carrier

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  • Double Splice Tape - yellow
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    Double Splice Tape

    Double Splice Tape provides a safe and reliable way to join reels together ensuring a precise secure bond between the two tapes.

    500 pieces per pack



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    Field Service Kit

    This static safe Field Service Engineers Kit is a neat and handy portable EPA for use when away from your permanent workstation. The compact yet highly visible red pouch contains a mat, wrist band, coiled earth lead and straight earth lead so you can safely work to EN 61340-5-1 requirements.

    Ideal for use when servicing equipment which incorporates static sensitive devices or components.

  • Splice Tool
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    Semi-Automatic Splice Tool

    Semi-Automatic Splice Tool is simple and easy to use. Combine usage with the bandolier type shims for increased productivity.



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  • single brass shims
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    Single Brass Shims

    Single Brass Shims can be used with our SMT Manual Splice Tool and splice leader tape of any width.


    4000 per box

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  • SMT Component Reel Splice tool
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    SMT Manual Splice Tool

    Ergonomically designed specifically for SMT Carrier Tapes of all sizes, our SMT Manual Splice Tool can be used with single brass shims or a single splice tape with shim to splice together two ends of splice leader tape together.

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  • Black Splice Carrier Tape
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    Splice Leader Tape

    Antistat Splice Leader Tape is used to package electronic components protecting them from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and damage when shipping.


    Available in a range of colors: Black, White and Transparent.



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  • splice tape connector
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    Splice Tape Connectors

    Splice tape connectors are quick and easy to use, they can help to increase production and can be used on all SMT pick and place feeders.

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  • Splice Tape Extenders PET type
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    Splice Tape Extenders (PET Type)

    Antistat Splice Tape Extenders are used for joining carrier tapes in the SMT process.  Splice Tape Extenders add an extra 19” of tape, preventing component reel wastage and helps to reduce machine downtime.

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  • Splice Tape (shim) combined
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    Splice Tape with Shim

    Splice tape with shim are quick and easy to use, assisting in increased production and can be used on all SMT pick and place feeders.

    250 and 500 per pack

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    100% Polyester 120gsm Wipes

    These heavy weight laser sealed edge 120gsm cleanroom polyester dry wipes are designed for cleanroom environments where the prevention of particle and fibre release is critical.

    Solvent safe, double-bagged, and vacuum cleanroom packed.

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