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    ESD Protected Area Sign – Rigid

    This rigid ESD Protected Area Sign is ideal for cleanroom and ESD protected workspaces. Printed in yellow and black onto 3mm foamex, the written message is accompanied by the ESD cautionary logo.

    Available in a variety of languages other than English. Contact the team for more details.

  • 029-2090 - 13inch Reel (small)
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    13 Inch Antistatic HIPS Packaging Reel

    Antistat 13 Inch Antistatic HIPS Packaging Reel are ideal for shipment and storage of any component packaged in carrier tape.

    Available in 5 different hub widths

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    2 Piece 10mm Press Stud Set

    These Press Studs create earth grounding points on bench and floor mats for ease of connection to ground cord. Made of mild steel with bright zinc and passivation finish, these must be riveted through the mat material to be effective.

    Order together with the Punch and Anvil set, code 067-0025.

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    3 Piece 10mm Press Stud Set

    Our 10mm 3 Piece Press Stud Sets are used to create earth grounding points on bench and floor mats. Made from mild steel with a bright zinc and passivative finish, these studs must be riveted through the mat material in order to be effective.

    Sold in packs of 100 complete sets.

  • 029-2078 - 7inch reels (small)
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    7 Inch Antistatic Component Packaging Reels

    7 Inch Component Packaging Reels provide excellent protection when shipping small components packaged in carrier tape, such as bare die and small integrated circuit packages.

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    Antibacterial Multi-Layer Adhesive Mat – Pack of 8

    Multi-layered clean-film full adhesive layers eliminate the need for messy cleaning and make it easy to maintain a clean surface. Each of the thin layers is coated with a highly developed adhesive containing an antibacterial substance, perfect for cleanrooms.

    30 sheets per mat. 8 mats per case.

    Please note, all tacky mats must be shipped flat and as such will be shipped on a pallet

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    Antistatic Anti-fatigue Deck Matting

    Deck plate design, this matting has an antistatic, hard and durable surface, laminated onto an antistatic elastic cushion. Edges are ramped on all sides with yellow safety borders on 2 sides.

    Please note this product has long lead times. If you would like more information about this, please contact our sales team on +1 512-580-4220

  • ESD Clipboard
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    Antistatic Clipboards

    These Antistatic Clipboards are made of durable, high quality, permanently antistatic PVC. The design features ESD safe markings, which clearly identify them as compliant for static controlled areas.

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  • Brass Shims - bandolier
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    Bandolier Brass Shims

    Bandolier Brass Shims are designed to pierce through all types of paper and plastic leader tapes. Can be used with the Semi-Automatic Splice Tool and splice tape of any width.

     4000 shims per box, 20 shims per carrier

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    Black Conductive Mat

    This ESD Conductive Matting has excellent heat and chemical resistance. Made of 1.5mm thick, smooth, black conductive rubber and can be supplied with a 10mm press studs, this mat is available pre-cut in a variety of sizes.

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    Coiled Earth Lead – Dual Wire

    These Coiled Dual Wire Earth Leads and wrist straps are designed to work with dual wire resistance style constant monitors. Suitable for use with most dual wire antistatic wrist straps.

    The 6ft coiled cord is PU with PVC molding.

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    Conductive Laminating Film Sheets

    Conductive Laminating Sheets enable users to contain loose sheets of paper within a sealed sheet. Ideal for instructions within an EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area), the film material is available in both A4 and A3.

    Packs of 100

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