Single Brass Shims

Single Brass Shims

Single Brass Shims can be used with our SMT Manual Splice Tool and splice leader tape of any width.


4000 per box

SKU: 029-0008


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Single brass shims are non-adhesive pure brass shims providing a secure and reliable connection when joining together splice leader tape.  Can be used with SMT Manual Splice Tool to join Splice leader tape of any width.

Quick and easy to use, they can help to increase production and can be used with all SMT pick and place feeders.  Single brass shims provide a safe and reliable way to join reels together ensuring a precise and secure join between the two tapes.

We offer a wide range of Splice tape extenders, leader tape, double splice tape and a variety of shims both in brass and Bandolier format.  Whatever your splicing needs we have a solution for you.  See our related products for more information.

  • Increases SMT pick and place machine output
  • Quantity 4,000 per box
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust