Moisture Barrier Bags 3.6Mil

Moisture Barrier Bags 3.6Mil

Antistat’s puncture-resistant Moisture Barrier Bags, 3.6Mil – are produced specifically to protect sensitive equipment and products from electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) and moisture damage during transit or storage. The bags conform easily to the shape of products for vacuum packing and also providing near perfect puncture resistance. Offering very low gas and moisture permeation, the inner core of polyethylene allows for extremely reliable hermetic sealing. These bags offer maximum resistance to vapor and oxygen penetration.

Available in multiple thicknesses and sizes, and specific custom manufacturing to suit your requirement, we always have a moisture barrier bag to meet your needs.

SKU: ANT018MBB-3.6

From $7.36

From: $7.36

From: $7.36
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Our Moisture Barrier Bags are designed for packing of electronic products which are sensitive to moisture and static. They shield against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI), and Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI). The 3.6mil Moisture Barrier Bags are also guaranteed to shield electronics from moisture and static damage during storage or shipping. The bags are opaque and light-fast, ensuring contents are shielded from view from outside, adding an extra layer of additional operational security. The bags are puncture-resistant, moisture-proof and possess a flexible structure. Two available options; open top or grip seal, open top bags are suitable to be vacuum packed and heat sealed.

Custom printing or logos are possible, and minimum order quantities (MOQ’s) apply. Please contact us on 512.580.4220 for further details or email

Our Moisture Barrier Bags are RoHS compliant.

Can’t find the size you are looking for? Contact us for tailored options.

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  • Available in three layer or four layer structures
  • Firm lamination and hot sealing offer superior resistance of vapour and oxygen
  • Surface resistance of 108-1011Ω
  • Flexible structure, easy to vacuum seal
  • Customised printing is available
  • Grip seal option available
  • Minimum order quantities will apply for some sizes
  • Storing static sensitive devices in humid environments
  • Safely transporting Jedec trays
  • Keeping components dry