ESD Water Bottle

These high quality ESD Water Bottles are designed to be used within cleanroom and ESD protected areas where workstations must not have items or equipment that generate static charges. The bottle is ideal for dispensing water in order to precision clean equipment, products or delicate instruments.


Available from stock in two sizes – 8oz or 16 oz.


Please note: Longer lead times will apply at present due to high production demands.


From $13.69

From: $13.69

From: $13.69
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A durable, reusable ESD safe water bottle is ideal for use in EPAs (ESD Protected areas) as well as cleanrooms. Available in two sizes – 8oz and 16oz – these non-greasy bottles produced from static dissipative polyethylene have a straight nozzle for accurate, even dispensing. The bottle can also be cleaned before and after use without losing their antistatic qualities.

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  • Available in two sizes
  • Suitable for use in EPAs and cleanrooms
  • Leak resistant
  • Surface resistivity 109 to 1010
  • Reusable
  • Non-greasy
  • Contains no tertiary amines
  • Humidity independent
  • Straight nozzle for accurate even dispensing
  • Cleanroom use
  • Safe to use in an ESD protected area