ESD Wash Bottle

ESD Wash Bottle

A durable ESD Safe Wash Bottle with angled nozzle for accurate, even dispensing. This reusable bottle is available in 8oz or 16oz, and is produced from non-greasy, cleanroom safe static dissipative polyethylene.

Helps to meet ESD-T20.20-2000.


From $18.69

From: $18.69

From: $18.69
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A durable ESD safe wash bottle with angled nozzle for accurate, even dispensing. This reusable ESD bottle is produced from static dissipative polyethylene and is suitable for use in cleanrooms as well as EPAs. Available in two sizes – 8oz and 16oz – these bottles contain no tertiary amines and have chemical resistance to solvents such as TCE and alcohol.

  • Angled nozzle for accurate, even dispensing
  • Reusable bottle
  • Suitable for cleanroom use
  • Surface Resistance: 109 – 1010 Ohms/sq
  • Chemical Resistance: solvent, TCE, alcohol
  • Leak resistant
  • Dispense liquids safely without generating a static charge
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