ESD Toe Grounder – Non-adjustable

ESD Toe Grounder – Non-adjustable

Elasticated Toe Grounder designed for high heel shoes and slip on footwear, ensuring a comfortable, long lasting path-to-ground. Suitable for use with all kinds of anti-static flooring, and recommended that a toe grounder be worn on each foot.

One size fits all.

SKU: 068-0007


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This elasticated ESD toe grounder is designed to fit high heeled and slip-on footwear, providing users with a comfortable, long-lasting path-to-ground. With a 1 Meg Ohm resistor built into each toe grounder, these are suited for use on all types of anti-static flooring. We would always suggest that these toe grounders are worn on both feet.


  • It is recommended that one toe grounder is worn on each foot
  • The toe grounder must be tested periodically.

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  • One size fits all
  • Reusable
  • Can be hand washed with mild detergent
  • Double layer conductive rubber cup (3.5mm x 19cm)
  • Outer conductive surface (black): 103 to 104
  • Inner anti-static surface (ivory): 108 to 109
  • Conductive tab (grey): 103 to 104
  • For use with all high heeled and slip on footwear
  • For use in conjunction with ESD flooring or matting