ESD Toe Grounder – Adjustable

ESD Toe Grounder – Adjustable

A high quality, durable, reusable ESD Toe Grounder with adjustable hook and loop fitting, making it suitable for a variety of shoe sizes and styles.

Sold individually so you can buy the exact quantity you need

SKU: 068-0018


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Antistat’s ESD Toe Grounders are tough and hard-wearing, designed for repeat use. With adjustable Velcro fastening, the grounder will fit multiple shoe sizes and styles. They provide long-term ESD protection to all staff. Suitable for non-machine washing with mild detergent to keep clean.

Please note, it is recommended that toe grounders are worn on both feet.

Antistat Inc offers a wide range of ESD Heel/Toe Grounders. Please click here to view the whole range.

  • One size fits all, with its adjustable hook and loop fitting
  • Can be hand washed using mild detergent
  • Each toe grounder incorporates a 1M Ohm safety resistor
  • The overall resistivity is 10[sup]6 Ohms
  • Please download the product datasheet for more details
  • For use where heel grounders are not practical
  • Enable the wearer to grounded when used in conjunction with ESD flooring or matting