ESD Textured Anti-fatigue EPA Matting

ESD Textured Anti-fatigue EPA Matting

ESD textured anti-fatigue EPA matting is available as a disc or bubble surface. This matting is 12 – 14mm thick (depending on surface design), anti-slip, durable and strong. Suitable for employees with standing, turning and walking operations within ESD areas.


European made, comes with a 5-year guarantee. Available in 4 standard sizes. Custom sizes also available – please request a quote.

SKU: 082-0400



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All of our ESD textured anti-fatigue EPA matting has a positive anti-fatigue effect on employees with standing work positions. This matting is made from durable antistatic PU foam and is specifically made for the electronic, metalworking and cleanroom industries.

Product Specifications:

Conforms to DIN EN61340-5-1 with Rp 105 – 107 Ohms and Rg 105 – 107 Ohms.

Thickness: 12 – 14mm (depending on surface design)

Color: Black

Surface: Bubble or Disc

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  • Super elastic and durable antistatic PU Foam
  • Beveled edges on all sides
  • High standard of comfort
  • Anti-slip, durable and strong
  • Retains permanent shape
  • 12 – 14mm thick
  • Color: Black
  • Available as bubble or disc surface