ESD Spray Bottle – Pump Action

ESD Spray Bottle – Pump Action

These high-quality Pump Action ESD Spray Bottles come in a range sizes – 2oz, 8oz and 16oz – to suit many precision cleaning tasks. The durable, static dissipative polyethylene material is designed to withstand continuous use within cleanrooms whilst maintaining a static free environment.


From $11.84

From: $11.84

From: $11.84
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This ESD static dissipative Pump Action Spray Bottle is available in three sizes: 2oz, 8oz and 16oz.  These spray bottles are a great addition to any cleanroom facility or ESD protected area that require a durable and high-quality bottle for delicately cleaning workstations or equipment.

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  • Surface Resistance: 109 – 1010 Ohms/sq
  • Durable static dissipative polyethylene
  • Chemical Resistance: solvent, TCE, alcohol
  • Suitable for cleanroom use
  • Applying a mist spray
  • Easily clean small areas