ESD Heel Strap with Clip Fasten – Fluorescent

ESD Heel Strap with Clip Fasten – Fluorescent

A durable, ESD fluorescent-yellow heel strap designed to be easily visible in the ESD working zone. These heel grounders have a simple snap release for quick & easy use. Robust enough for long term use and suitable for hand washing in mild detergents.

Can be used in combination with all ESD flooring and matting.

SKU: 068-0002


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This ESD Heel Strap is produced to be highly visible in the ESD safe working area, these fluorescent-yellow heel grounders are hard-wearing grounders and come with a quick snap release for easy on/off. Highly durable and ideal for long term use and suitable for washing in mild detergent – their vibrant fluorescent color will remain visible for the lifetime of the product.

ESD Heel Strap is designed for use with all ESD flooring or matting, these heel straps incorporate a 1 Meg Ohm safety resistor. It is recommended that these heel straps should be worn on both feet.


  • This product conforms to the requirements of ANSI/ESD S-20.20 and EIA 625
  • The heel grounder must be tested from time to time using a footwear test station. Click here to purchase the tester.


  • Highly visible so that supervisors can easily identify correct fitting, even from a distance
  • Snap release fastening for quick and easy donning and removal
  • High quality and robust, designed for long term use
  • Suitable for washing by hand in mild detergent
  • Each grounder incorporates a 1Meg safety resistor
  • Overall resistivity: 106 Ohms
  • Outer conductive surface: 103 – 105 Ohms
  • Inner anti-static surface: 107 – 108 Ohms
  • Conductive tab: 103 – 104 Ohms
  • High visibility strap help to ensure correct fitting of grounders, even from a distance