Conductive Trash Can

Conductive Trash Can

Conductive Trash Cans, when used in conjunction with our range of Anti-static Trash Liners, provide a comprehensive ESD safe solution to waste disposal. Our bins are available in two variants:  square fiberboard or round polypropylene (12 Liter). Featuring the ESD logo for easy identification, these bins are designed specifically for use in EPAs.




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Conductive trash cans – when used in conjunction with our range of anti-static trash liners – provide a comprehensive, ESD safe solution to waste disposal within the EPA. Available in two variants:

  • Fiberboard. The square basket (available in three sizes) is made of black, 2mm thick conductive fiberboard with reinforced bottom corners and has a resistance of <10ohms
  • Polypropylene. This 12 liter round trash can is made of black conductive polypropylene. The can is washable, has a resistance of <10ohms and is marked with the ESD logo

Note: Anti-static Trash Liners featured in photos are sold separately.

Fiberboard Trash Bins:

  • Made of conductive fiberboard, 2mm thick
  • Reinforced bottom corners for durability
  • Round-headed metal stud feet
  • Resistance: <106 ohm

Polypropylene Trash Bins:

  • Made of black, conductive polypropylene
  • Washable
  • Marked with ESD logo
  • Resistance: <106 ohms
  • Safe waste collection in ESD protected areas

Conductive Trash Can Product Datasheet