We supply a range of tapes suitable for use within and EPA this includes ESD Grid Tape, Floor Marking Tape and High-Temperature Masking Tapes. These tapes can be used to clearly mark out and EPA or be used on ESD sensitive products. 

Kapton tape is the industry standard adhesive when it comes to circuit boards and soldering work. Our Hazard Marking Tape is designed to mark hazardous areas for use in factory and manufacturing environments.

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    ESD Cellulose Tape

    ESD cellulose tape made from environment friendly hot glue with a surface resistance of 108 – 1010

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    ESD Floor Marking Tape – Printed

    Our highly visible, 3″ wide Printed Floor Marking Tape features the ESD caution logo in black print, creating a prominent marker of EPA boundaries. The tape is self-adhesive and adheres well to both synthetic and clean, particle-free concrete floors. The tape is laminated with a clear film to protect the print from wear and tear.

    This popular product is sold in rolls of 2.8in width and 108.3ft length.

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    ESD Warning Packaging Tape

    A conventional self-adhesive PVC tape with an acrylic gum adhesive. This ESD Packaging Tape is printed in black with the ESD symbol as specified by EN 61340-5. This tape is suitable for sealing secondary packaging of electrostatic sensitive devices, but should not be used within an EPA.

    Rolls are 216ft long and 2in wide.

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    High Temperature Masking Polyimide Dots

    High temperature polyimide masking dots are ideal for masking gold fingers of printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip process, as well as for solder wave masking and electrical insulation.


    Sold per roll of 1,000


    For our other range of ESD Tapes please click here.

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    ESD Floor Marking Tape

    This self-adhesive, high visibility Floor Marking Tape is designed to be used to mark the boundaries of ESD Protected Areas. It adheres very well to synthetic flooring such as PVC floor tiles, and can also be confidently used on concrete floors, where it can be expected to withstand traffic, dust particles and remain intact for several months.

    Choose from a wide range of colors to clearly mark your EPA boundaries.

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    ESD Grid Tape

    This self-adhesive, general purpose ESD Grid Tape is used within the EPA to mask or hold together components and circuit boards. Manufactured from a silicone-free, low-residue polypropylene and coated with a static dissipative surface, it is ESD safe. Fully printed with a grid pattern and the ESD caution logo for clarity. This product conforms to ES 61340-5-1/5-2.

    Available in two widths as standard, but get in touch if you have other needs.

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    Hazard Marking Tape

    Our highly visible Hazard Marking Tape designed to mark hazardous areas. The 108ft (33m) long rolls of tape are manufactured from a heavily plasticized film that is then coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive for a strong hold. The tape is ideal for hazardous working areas that need to be clearly marked out to prevent unauthorized access.

    Suitable for use in factory and manufacturing settings, and all hazardous areas.

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    High Temperature Masking Tape

    This High Temperature Polyimide Tape is ideal for masking printed circuit boards during wave solder or solder dip processes, as well as for solder wave masking and electrical insulation. This product has remarkable dimensional stability and excellent electrical and physical properties over a wide range of temperatures.

    Available in 8 different widths.

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    Kapton Tape

    Our Kapton Polyimide Tape is produced from branded DuPont film. It provides superior masking properties and – with its silicon-adhesive backing – is suitable for fixing, masking and sealing in high temperature and voltage applications such as soldering.

    Available as an Antistatic or Standard product, select your preference below.