ESD Testing & Monitoring

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    Field Service Kit

    This static safe Field Service Engineers Kit is a neat and handy portable EPA for use when away from your permanent workstation. The compact yet highly visible red pouch contains a mat, wrist band, coiled earth lead and straight earth lead so you can safely work to EN 61340-5-1 requirements.

    Ideal for use when servicing equipment which incorporates static sensitive devices or components.

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    Surface Resistance Meter 10V / 100V

    This 10V / 100V surface resistance meter is ideal for accurately testing surface resistivity for ESD control applications to the latest industry standards. It is designed to measure point-to-point, the surface resistivity of plastic, polymers, large sheets of plastic or clothing materials.

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    Surface Resistance Meter 9V

    Our 9V Surface Resistance Meter is designed to measure surface resistivity and resistance to ground. The meter will quickly, easily and accurately test conductive, static dissipative and insulative surfaces. This resistivity meter can be reliably used between 5oC – 49oC, making it suitable for a wide rage of environments.

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    Wrist Strap Tester 9V with Wall Mount and Footplate

    This 9V Wrist Strap Tester is designed to show high/low fail and pass functions, and – as it can also test footwear prior to entering in EPA – it comes with both a wall mount and footplate. CE approved, this product is powered by a 9V battery, and features a low battery indicator light for convenience.

    Quick and simple ‘one touch’ test function.