Antistatic Tools

Static Control Handling Tools

Precision modern electronics require sensitive handling and semiconductors, wafers, memory chips, processor units and hard drives are just some of the items which require protection from static electricity. These range of critical ESD workplace tools are all insulated and designed to mitigate the effects of static, helping to protect your working environment.Semi Automatic SMT Splice Tool

Accessories such as ESD pliers, tweezers, soldering and testing & monitoring equipment and tools will ensure that a technician is properly grounded before commencing work on a static-sensitive device.

  • Brass Shims - bandolier
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    Bandolier Brass Shims

    Bandolier Brass Shims are designed to pierce through all types of paper and plastic leader tapes. Can be used with the Semi-Automatic Splice Tool and splice tape of any width.

     4000 shims per box, 20 shims per carrier

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  • Double Splice Tape - yellow
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    Double Splice Tape

    Double Splice Tape provides a safe and reliable way to join reels together ensuring a precise secure bond between the two tapes.

    500 pieces per pack



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  • Splice Tool
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    Semi-Automatic Splice Tool

    Semi-Automatic Splice Tool is simple and easy to use. Combine usage with the bandolier type shims for increased productivity.



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  • single brass shims
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    Single Brass Shims

    Single Brass Shims can be used with our SMT Manual Splice Tool and splice leader tape of any width.


    4000 per box

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  • SMT Component Reel Splice tool
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    SMT Manual Splice Tool

    Ergonomically designed specifically for SMT Carrier Tapes of all sizes, our SMT Manual Splice Tool can be used with single brass shims or a single splice tape with shim to splice together two ends of splice leader tape together.

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  • Black Splice Carrier Tape
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    Splice Leader Tape

    Antistat Splice Leader Tape is used to package electronic components protecting them from electrostatic discharge (ESD) and damage when shipping.


    Available in a range of colors: Black, White and Transparent.



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  • splice tape connector
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    Splice Tape Connectors

    Splice tape connectors are quick and easy to use, they can help to increase production and can be used on all SMT pick and place feeders.

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  • Splice Tape Extenders PET type
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    Splice Tape Extenders (PET Type)

    Antistat Splice Tape Extenders are used for joining carrier tapes in the SMT process.  Splice Tape Extenders add an extra 19” of tape, preventing component reel wastage and helps to reduce machine downtime.

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  • Splice Tape (shim) combined
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    Splice Tape with Shim

    Splice tape with shim are quick and easy to use, assisting in increased production and can be used on all SMT pick and place feeders.

    250 and 500 per pack

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    ESD Floor Marking Tape

    This self-adhesive, high visibility Floor Marking Tape is designed to be used to mark the boundaries of ESD Protected Areas. It adheres very well to synthetic flooring such as PVC floor tiles, and can also be confidently used on concrete floors, where it can be expected to withstand traffic, dust particles and remain intact for several months.

    Choose from a wide range of colors to clearly mark your EPA boundaries.

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    ESD Grid Tape

    This self-adhesive, general purpose ESD Grid Tape is used within the EPA to mask or hold together components and circuit boards. Manufactured from a silicone-free, low-residue polypropylene and coated with a static dissipative surface, it is ESD safe. Fully printed with a grid pattern and the ESD caution logo for clarity. This product conforms to ES 61340-5-1/5-2.

    Available in two widths as standard, but get in touch if you have other needs.

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    Hazard Marking Tape

    Our highly visible Hazard Marking Tape designed to mark hazardous areas. The 108ft (33m) long rolls of tape are manufactured from a heavily plasticized film that is then coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive for a strong hold. The tape is ideal for hazardous working areas that need to be clearly marked out to prevent unauthorized access.

    Suitable for use in factory and manufacturing settings, and all hazardous areas.