ESD Packaging Supplies

ESD Packaging Supplies

The core principals of ESD control is to ground all conductors in the EPA (ESD Protected Area). Electrostatic discharge packaging has a highly technical bespoke material composition. It lowers the resistance so that when it’s grounded, electrostatic charges are moved to ground, protecting your ESD sensitive devices inside.

Antistat’s biggest sellers in ESD supplies are Anti-Static Bags which are used in across many environments and situations. We are one of the USA’s largest suppliers of Static Shielding Bags, Moisture Barrier Bags, Pink Anti-Static & Conductive Bags. ESD packing also covers a large range of Corstat conductive corrugated board products, ESD Storage Bins through to Thermal Container Liners.

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    Conductive Trash Can

    Conductive Trash Cans, when used in conjunction with our range of Anti-static Trash Liners, provide a comprehensive ESD safe solution to waste disposal. Our bins are available in two variants:  square fiberboard or round polypropylene (12 Liter). Featuring the ESD logo for easy identification, these bins are designed specifically for use in EPAs.

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    Corriplast Layer Pads

    Manufactured from high performance conductive corriplast, these Layer Pads offer a flexible solution to creating rigid layer separations within stacking totes. Available as standard in two stock sizes to fit totes, although custom sizes are available on request.

    An ESD safe solution that is also perfect from cleanroom environments where static protection is a requirement.

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    Corriplast Slotted Tote Divisions

    The Slotted Tote Divisions are manufactured from 3mm corriplast conductive fluted polypropylene.  This is an ideal solution for creating a network of smaller cells in standard plastic totes which could hold components ready for assembly. With slots at 30mm increments, the cells can be sized to suit your requirements, offering a neat and safe method of storing multiple electronic components or parts in one outer container.

    Robust, ESD safe and suitable for use in clean environments.

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    Corstat Bin Boxes

    These Corstat Bin Boxes are made from conductive fiberboard, giving static shielding and physical protection to its contents. Available in a wide range of sizes, plus available as closed, open front and fully open variants, there is sure to be a solution to meet your needs and application.

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    Corstat Chip Boxes

    These Chip Boxes are manufactured from Corstat conductive corrugated fiberboard, providing an ESD safe and cost-effective method of shipping chips and small electronic devices that could be damaged from poor handling. Available as a flat pack in a variety of sizes, the boxes can be customized with soft antistatic foam or high-density pin stick grade conductive foam to meet your particular product requirements.

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    Corriplast Collapsible Totes

    This Collapsible Tote Bin offers are ideal when space for packing electronic components is an issue or you require a cost-effective return shipping solution. Manufactured from conductive corriplast, the collapsible tote is lightweight, robust and an ESD safe method of storing computers parts, circuit boards or assemblies.

    Available in a variety of sizes, with or without lids.


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    Corstat Component Boxes

    The Corstat range of Component Boxes offers a convenient and safe way to store and transport static sensitive devices. The Corstat conductive coating provides Faraday cage protection and the optional anti-static foam insert provides ESD safe cushioning to protect the box contents.  Foam options available upon request.

    Available from stock in a range of sizes.

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    Corstat Inplant Handlers

    These conductive fiberboard Corstat Inplant Handlers provide a flexible, fully adjustable, anti-static system to safely house boards. With adjustable partitions, you can easily create the desired cell size to accommodate nearly any board size.

    Fully adjustable and available in a variety of sizes, order yours from stock today.

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    Corstat Reel Storage System

    Catering for 7″ and 15″ reels, the Corstat Reel Storage System provides a robust bench mount storage system. With high levels of ESD protection, this product is available in Corstat coated corrugated fiberboard, or as conductive Corriplast making it suitable for cleanroom use or heavy wear environments.

    Available in single, double and triple module units, with division spacing of 18mm or 32mm to suit your application.

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    Corstat Stacking Tote Divisions

    Manufactured from Corstat conductive fiberboard, these Stacking Tote Divisions offer a durable and fully ESD safe method for dividing Corstat stacking totes. The divisions can be arranged into different formations to form a cell structure which suits your specific applications or storage requirements.

    In addition to the standard range, bespoke sizes are available. Get in touch to find out more.

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    Corstat Stacking Tote Lid

    These Stacking Tote Lids are designed to fit the Corstat range of stacking tote boxes. Constructed from the same conductive fiberboard as the tote boxes, the lids complete the storage solution, ensuring the contents are well protected, safe from the risk of an ESD event, and that the boxes themselves can be safely stocked with no risk of damage to the contents.

    Order these together with the totes for a complete storage solution.

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    Corstat Stacking Totes

    Corstat Stacking Tote Boxes are manufactured from conductive fiberboard and are available from stock, in a range of sizes. These totes are a durable yet lightweight solution for inplant component handling and storage where ESD safety is a consideration.

    A viable alternative to injection molded products. Contact us for more details.

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