Packaging & Storage

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    Conductive Trash Can

    Conductive Trash Cans, when used in conjunction with our range of Anti-static Trash Liners, provide a comprehensive ESD safe solution to waste disposal. Our bins are available in two variants:  square fiberboard or round polypropylene (12 Liter). Featuring the ESD logo for easy identification, these bins are designed specifically for use in EPAs.

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    ESD Caution Labels

    A roll of self-adhesive ESD Caution Labels, ideal for the marking of electrostatic sensitive devices. Available in three different sizes to suit your needs.

    Suitable for automatic dispensing as well as manual application.


    From $12.10
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    ESD Solvent Dispenser

    An ESD safe Solvent Dispenser produced from static dissipative polyethylene and supplied with a pump action lid for simple, hands-free solvent dispensing. This easy to fill container is available in three different sizes to suit your requirements.

    Also suitable for cleanroom use.

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    ESD Grid Tape

    This self-adhesive, general purpose ESD Grid Tape is used within the EPA to mask or hold together components and circuit boards. Manufactured from a silicone-free, low-residue polypropylene and coated with a static dissipative surface, it is ESD safe. Fully printed with a grid pattern and the ESD caution logo for clarity. This product conforms to ES 61340-5-1/5-2.

    Available in two widths as standard, but get in touch if you have other needs.