Moisture Control

Moisture Control Range

Our Moisture Control range is produced for packaging & protection of moisture sensitive surface devices (JEDEC std-033). Antistat’s moisture barrier and moisture control bags combine specialized ESD protection and restrict the transmission of water vapor, delivering a moisture-proof packaging solution.

Airborne water particles help dissipate static electricity, water is conductive, which allows electricity to travel freely through the air, minimizing ESD build-up. If there’s not enough moisture density in your EPA, electricity will accumulate in pockets, and is discharged when an object of opposite charge is close by.

Desiccants are hygroscopic substances for protecting packaging and enclosure contents susceptible to damage from moisture like electronic components. Antistat desiccants are available in a variety of types such as Silica Gel Packets, Activated Clay and Molecular Sieve. Our synthetic and natural materials have absorption performance suited to a range of product types, environments and humidity levels.

(HIC) or Humidity Indicator Cards allow a visual check of the humidity levels inside enclosures or packaged items for quick evaluation of desiccant performance. The cards are reversible and alter as conditions change in the packaging environment, allowing users to monitor the conditions of product packaging.

We stock a vast inventory of moisture control products, or can produce custom solutions specific to your work place needs, call +1 512-243-5762

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    Moisture Barrier Bags (3.6Mil)

    Antistat’s puncture-resistant Moisture Barrier Bags, 3.6Mil – are produced specifically to protect sensitive equipment and products from electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) and moisture damage during transit or storage. The bags conform easily to the shape of products for vacuum packing and also providing near perfect puncture resistance. Offering very low gas and moisture permeation, the inner core of polyethylene allows for extremely reliable hermetic sealing. These bags offer maximum resistance to vapor and oxygen penetration.

    Available in multiple thicknesses and sizes, and specific custom manufacturing to suit your requirement, we always have a moisture barrier bag to meet your needs.

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    Moisture Barrier Bags (4.4Mil)

    Our high-quality Moisture Barrier Bags (4.4Mil) protect sensitive equipment and products from both electrostatic discharge damage (ESD) and moisture damage during shipping and storage. The puncture-resistant, opaque and light-fast 4.4mil material ensures that the contents cannot be seen, offering additional operational security.

    Suitable for vacuum-sealing, moisture barrier bags offer maximum resistance to vapor and oxygen.