Antistatic Labels

ESD Caution & Information Labels

ESD labels must appear on all packaging containing static sensitive devices. At Antistat, we offer a wide range of labels for electronics to compliment your ESD program, including JEDEC approved moisture barrier labels conforming to IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 and JEDEC113.

From ESD Caution labels in multi language to self-adhesive inspection labels and lead-free variants. ESD Caution labels are ideal for identifying ESD sensitive items enclosed within packaging.

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    ESD Protected Area Sign – Rigid

    This rigid ESD Protected Area Sign is ideal for cleanroom and ESD protected workspaces. Printed in yellow and black onto 3mm foamex, the written message is accompanied by the ESD cautionary logo.

    Available in a variety of languages other than English. Contact the team for more details.

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    ESD Caution Labels

    A roll of self-adhesive ESD Caution Labels, ideal for the marking of electrostatic sensitive devices. Available in three different sizes to suit your needs.

    Suitable for automatic dispensing as well as manual application.


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    ESD Caution Label – Multi Language

    Our self-adhesive, yellow Multi-Lingual ESD Caution Labels display the message in English, French and German. In addition to the written warning, these labels feature the ESD Cautionary Symbol, ensuring your electrostatic sensitive devices are clearly marked.

    Order yours today to keep your products safe.

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    ESD Protected Area Sign – Self-Adhesive

    This self-adhesive ESD Protected Area Sign is suitable for use in both cleanroom and ESD protected workspaces. Printed in yellow and black onto PVC, the ESD cautionary text is supported by the industry-standard logo.

    Available in five different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish.

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    Self-Adhesive Inspection Arrows

    Self-Adhesive Inspection Arrows available in two striking colour-ways: red and black, or yellow and black. These vibrant markers are designed pin point areas on printed circuit boards, and they leave low residue on removal.

    14,400 markers per pack.