Plugs & Points


We are able to provide effective grounding for you and your EPA.

Our wide range of plugs and points means we have all grounding requirements met. Plugs and points are an essential requirement within the process of grounding in your EPA.

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    Earth Bonding Point

    Earth Bonding Point is designed for use where main earth may not be suitable or may be inaccessible. This bracket incorporates an M5 post.


    It features a yellow design for easy identification and an ESD warning symbol.

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    ESD Bonding Point with 10mm Stud

    This single ESD Bonding Point provides a grounded fixture to which EPA equipment may be connected or ‘bonded’, usually via a grounding wire or cord. Supplied with a single 10mm male stud and clearly marked with black text stating “E.S.D. Bonding Point”.

    Made from impact resistant ABS for longevity

  • Earth Bonding Bracket - Antistat
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    Under Bench Earth Bonding Bracket

    Under Bench Earth Bonding Brackets are designed to provide a secure connection to ground.

    Each bracket has three connection points, incorporating different configurations. Each bracket is fitted with a 1 Meg Ohm resistor.

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    USA Earth Bonding Plug – 2 x 10mm Stud + 1 x M5 Post

    This ESD bonding plug incorporates 2 x 10 mm Studs and 1 x M5 Post, designed to fit US standard mains plug outlets.

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    USA Earth Bonding Plug – 3 x 10mm Stud

    This ESD Earth Bonding Plug incorporates 3 x 10mm male studs for connection grounding wire. Designed to connect matting, wrist straps or equipment to a common grounding point to ensure any static charges are dissipated safely. The distinct yellow colour also stands out to ensure that the plug is clearly visible and identified as the grounding point.