Heel Grounders


Our extensive range of heel, sole and toe grounders give a variety of ways to protect the user from ESD within the EPA.

Our grounders fit all sizes and styles of shoe and are fully adjustable. Options include fluorescent colours for clear visibility or disposable grounders for quick and cost-effective applications.

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    ESD Sole Grounder

    Antistat offer this hook and loop type ESD Sole Grounder complete with D ring for size adjustment. Easy to fit and made with durable materials, the sole grounder is ideal for professional use within ESD protected areas.

    Available in four different sizes.

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    Disposable Heel Grounder

    An easy to use, cost-effective, disposable heel grounder designed for temporary workers and plant visitors who need to enter static controlled areas. The grounders use the conductive yarn in the antistatic fabric to create and maintain contact between the ground and body, optimizing static dissipation.

    Sold in packs of 100 for convenience.

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    Disposable Heel Grounder Dispenser

    A yellow colored plastic disposable heel grounder dispenser, featuring an ESD caution logo and type in black print. This dispenser provides a neat storage and dispensing solution for your workplace.

    Backplate features usage instructions for the disposable heel grounders.

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    ESD Heel Grounder – Hook & Loop Fastener

    Durable and hard-wearing ESD Heel Grounder is supplied with a hook & loop closure for quick and easy adjustment. The grounders are completely reusable for long term use as they can be non-machine washed with soft detergent. Designed to be used in conjunction with all ESD flooring or matting, each heel grounder incorporates a 1 Meg Ohm safety resistor.

    Conforms to the requirements of ANSI/ESD SP9.2- 2019 and can be used as part of an ANSI/ESD S20.20 programme.

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    ESD Heel Strap with Clip Fastener

    Durable ESD Heel Strap Grounder which includes a simple clip fastener. The heel strap ensures continuous ESD protection and continued long-term use. The clip fastener is a handy alternative to a hook and loop strap with its quick open and close function.

    Durable, reusable, and available from stock.

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    ESD Heel Strap with Clip Fasten – Fluorescent

    A durable, ESD fluorescent-yellow heel strap designed to be easily visible in the ESD working zone. These heel grounders have a simple snap release for quick & easy use. Robust enough for long term use and suitable for hand washing in mild detergents.

    Can be used in combination with all ESD flooring and matting.

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    ESD Toe Grounder – Adjustable

    A high quality, durable, reusable ESD Toe Grounder with adjustable hook and loop fitting, making it suitable for a variety of shoe sizes and styles.

    Sold individually so you can buy the exact quantity you need

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    ESD Toe Grounder – Non-adjustable

    Elasticated Toe Grounder designed for high heel shoes and slip on footwear, ensuring a comfortable, long lasting path-to-ground. Suitable for use with all kinds of anti-static flooring, and recommended that a toe grounder be worn on each foot.

    One size fits all.