Antistatic Wrist Straps


Antistatic wrist straps are designed to prevent build-up of static electricity and safely ground operators who are working with ESD sensitive components, .

Antistat’s range of wrist straps are designed to be worn close to the skin establishing a path to ground. The comfortable materials allow users to wear the wrist straps for long periods of time and are able to suit many different applications whether it be refurbishing computer parts or assembling components.

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    Cleanroom Adjustable ESD Wrist Straps

    A lightweight, fully adjustable cleanroom ESD wrist strap, comes with a 10mm press stud. Great for use within cleanroom environments. These wrist straps are particle free and easy to clean.

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    Disposable ESD Wrist Strap

    Disposable ESD wrist straps are ideally suited for short term use by plant agents & visitors, field engineers and for shipping along with ESD sensitive devices, such as memory upgrades. The wrist straps are individually wrapped with instructions for use.

    • Pack of 25
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    Economy ESD Wrist Strap Set – 10mm Stud

    A comfortable, fully adjustable antistatic wrist strap and grounding lead set. The fabric wrist strap and stainless steel design is hypoallergenic to reduce the risks of skin allergies. With a 6ft long coiled earth lead, and either a 10mm press stud or 4mm banana termination, this is an ideal set to reduce the dangers of static electricity damage in your EPA.

    Select your 10mm press stud or 4mm banana termination using the drop down on the right.

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    ESD Metal Wrist Strap – Adjustable

    A fully expandable ESD Metal Wrist Strap produced in a stainless steel link system. Available in a range of sizes, and with an inherent elasticity due to design, there is constant operator skin contact on wrists of all sizes.

    Also suitable for use in cleanrooms. Order yours today.

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    Fabric Adjustable Dual Wire – ESD Wrist Strap

    Antistat dual conductor antistatic strap provides two connections to ground, ensuring the operator has a reliable path-to-ground at all times. The fully adjustable fabric strap has a high-quality conductive interior. One size fits all.

    See below for more product details and accompanying datasheet.

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    Fabric ESD Wrist Strap – Adjustable – Hypo-Allergenic

    A comfortable, fully Adjustable Fabric Antistatic Wrist strap designed for people who suffer from allergic reactions to standard anti-static wrist straps. The fabric design is hypoallergenic, being produced with stainless steel. For even greater flexibility, the strap comes with either a 10mm or 4mm stud according to your needs.

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