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Anti Static Mats

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    Anti-Static Contamination Control Mats

    Our multi-layered, Antistatic Contamination Control Mats are suitable for clean environments up to an ISO 5 rating. Help control particle contamination by capturing debris from the soles of shoes, each mat has 30 peel-off layers, making it easy to maintain a clean, effective surface.

    Available in 3 sizes with 30 sheets per mat, and 4 mats per case.

    From $110.00
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    Anti-Static 3-Layer ESD Mats (Smooth)

    This 3-layer smooth finish anti-static bench and floor matting provides excellent ESD protection for your workspace. Excellent lay-flat properties for quick installation, and easy to clean, this will prove to be a hard-wearing matting solution.

    Available pre-cut with a 10mm press stud in each corner.

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    Antistatic Mat – Rubber, Textured Finish

    A high quality, Textured Rubber ESD Mat designed for use on benches within the EPA with glare reduction properties for the comfort of operators. The natural resilience of rubber makes this mat extremely hard wearing, and resistant to chemical agents normally used for maintenance.

    Suitable for loose-laying and supplied with a 10mm press stud in each corner for convenience.

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    ESD Bench Mat – 2 Layer, Textured Finish

    A Textured, 2-Layer ESD Bench Mat designed for use within EPA workspaces. The surface of this bench mat is designed with a reflection breaking finish to reduce glare and improve operator comfort. The matting also provides protection against small collisions thanks to the forgiving nature of rubber.

    Mat has good heat, chemical and oil resistance.

    From $105.84
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    ESD Bench Mat – Textured Finish

    This high quality 2-Layer ESD Bench Matting with Textured Finish for use in workshops or laboratories of microelectronics industries protects sensitive components from the dangers of ESD, while also reducing glare to improve operator comfort.

    Can be loose-laid at the work bench. No adhesives required.

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    ESD Bench Mat 2 Layer – Smooth Finish

    Great Value ESD bench matting made from an anti-static (conductive) and static-dissipative materials with synthetic rubber.

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    Floor Matting Anti-Slip

    A multi-purpose, anti-static / ESD mat for use on either workstation benches or as a flooring solution in the workshops of advanced laboratories for microelectronic industries. Made from anti-static (conductive) and static-dissipative materials with synthetic rubber.

    Easy to clean and resistant to impact, cuts and tears.

    From $105.85

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