ESD & Static Grounding


Effective grounding protects sensitive areas and products from the damage caused from ESD. 

The primary means of protecting ESD susceptible items is to provide a controlled ground path for ESD sensitive items. Our products are designed to maximise operator performance and safety by using high quality materials.

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    2 Piece 10mm Press Stud Set

    These Press Studs create earth grounding points on bench and floor mats for ease of connection to ground cord. Made of mild steel with bright zinc and passivation finish, these must be riveted through the mat material to be effective.

    Order together with the Punch and Anvil set, code 067-0025.

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    3 Piece 10mm Press Stud Set

    Our 10mm 3 Piece Press Stud Sets are used to create earth grounding points on bench and floor mats. Made from mild steel with a bright zinc and passivative finish, these studs must be riveted through the mat material in order to be effective.

    Sold in packs of 100 complete sets.

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    Coiled Earth Lead – Dual Wire

    These Coiled Dual Wire Earth Leads and wrist straps are designed to work with dual wire resistance style constant monitors. Suitable for use with most dual wire antistatic wrist straps.

    The 6ft coiled cord is PU with PVC molding.

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    Earth Bonding Point

    Earth Bonding Point is designed for use where main earth may not be suitable or may be inaccessible. This bracket incorporates an M5 post.


    It features a yellow design for easy identification and an ESD warning symbol.

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    ESD Bonding Point with 10mm Stud

    This single ESD Bonding Point provides a grounded fixture to which EPA equipment may be connected or ‘bonded’, usually via a grounding wire or cord. Supplied with a single 10mm male stud and clearly marked with black text stating “E.S.D. Bonding Point”.

    Made from impact resistant ABS for longevity

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    ESD Sole Grounder

    Antistat offer this hook and loop type ESD Sole Grounder complete with D ring for size adjustment. Easy to fit and made with durable materials, the sole grounder is ideal for professional use within ESD protected areas.

    Available in four different sizes.

  • ESD Workstation Kit - Antistat
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    ESD Workstation Kit

    A comprehensive, easy to install, basic ESD Workstation Kit including blue matting, signage, wrist strap and leads. Five different language options for the signage – English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Simply select your preferred option using the drop down menu.

    Size: 25 5/8 inch x 47 1/4 inch

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    Ground Cord Double Jack Socket with Ring Terminal and 10mm Female Stud

    This 10ft long Straight Earth Lead with Ring Terminal contains 10 special conductive wires and is suitable for use with all types of ESD matting. The outer is covered with non-conductive PU and the lead has a resistivity of 1M ohm +/- 10%

    Features a ground cord, double jack socket with ring terminal, and a 10mm female stud.

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    Press Stud Tool – Punch & Anvil

    Our Press Stud Tool – Punch & Anvil is used to quickly and easily fix studs to ESD matting for grounding benches and floor mats. Once fitted, the press studs create earth grounding points on the mat for ease of connection to ground cord.

    Kit supplied with anvil, post and 10 press studs.

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    Straight Earth Lead – 10mm Stud to 4mm Banana socket

    Our black Straight Earth Lead with 10mm stud to 4mm banana socket includes a crocodile clip designed which can be attached to computer equipment in order to create a path to ground. There are 10 conductive wires in each cord with a PU, non-conductive outer casing.

    Each lead contains a 1 x 10mm female stud leading to a 1 x 4mm banana socket with crocodile clip.

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    Straight Earth Lead – Conical Head

    Suitable for use with all ESD and antistatic mats, this Straight Earth Lead with Conical Head ensures the grounding stud remains protected, reducing the likelihood of disconnection.

    10ft long cord, covered with non-conductive PU, with a resistivity of 1M ohm +/- 10%.

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    Straight Earth Lead – 10mm Stud to 10mm Stud

    Black straight earth lead with 10mm stud to 10mm stud, for use within an EPA. This essential part of any static controlled area can be connected to wrist straps, testing devices or matting grounding points.