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ESD & Static Grounding

ESD Grounding Consumables

Effective grounding protects sensitive areas from the damage caused from ESD. Our products are designed to maximise operator performance and safety by using high quality materials and build quality.

Static grounding requirements for operations with large working environments will often require the establishment of ESD protected areas. EPAs are sections of the workspace that are partitioned off from the rest of the facility and specially marked to notify employees and visitors of the potential for electrostatic events. We have been supplying thousands static items for over thirty years, from PC repair workshops right up to complex organisations like NHS and the MOD.

Antistat supply ESD wrist straps, sole and heel grounders, ESD plugs and bonding points as well as range of grounding accessories.  Call us on 512.243.5762 if you don’t see what you need, we can normally source grounding supplies within 24hrs or email us what you need to find. We are specialists in the supply and production of ESD protection.

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    Anti-Static Contamination Control Mats

    Our multi-layered, Antistatic Contamination Control Mats are suitable for clean environments up to an ISO 5 rating. Help control particle contamination by capturing debris from the soles of shoes, each mat has 30 peel-off layers, making it easy to maintain a clean, effective surface.

    Available in 3 sizes with 30 sheets per mat, and 4 mats per case.

    From $110.00
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    Anti-Static 3-Layer ESD Mats (Smooth)

    This 3-layer smooth finish anti-static bench and floor matting provides excellent ESD protection for your workspace. Excellent lay-flat properties for quick installation, and easy to clean, this will prove to be a hard-wearing matting solution.

    Available pre-cut with a 10mm press stud in each corner.

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    Antistatic Mat – Rubber, Textured Finish

    A high quality, Textured Rubber ESD Mat designed for use on benches within the EPA with glare reduction properties for the comfort of operators. The natural resilience of rubber makes this mat extremely hard wearing, and resistant to chemical agents normally used for maintenance.

    Suitable for loose-laying and supplied with a 10mm press stud in each corner for convenience.

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    Cleanroom Adjustable ESD Wrist Straps

    A lightweight, fully adjustable Cleanroom ESD wrist strap, comes with a 10mm press stud. Great for use within cleanroom environments. These wrist straps are particle free and easy to clean.

    Available to buy from stock from just $5.52 each.

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    Coiled Earth Lead

    A high quality Coiled Earth Grounding lead/cord that provides a strong connection to ground. Suitable for use with most anti-static wrist straps, the coiled cord can be stretch and recoiled back to its original length, to help maintain clear work areas.

    Four variants available from stock today.

    From $3.75
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    Disposable ESD Wrist Strap

    Disposable ESD Wrist Bands are ideally suited for short term use by plant agents & visitors, field engineers and for shipping along with ESD sensitive devices, such as memory upgrades. The wrist straps are individually wrapped with instructions for use.

    • Pack of 25
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    Disposable Heel Grounder

    An easy to use, cost effective, disposable heel grounder designed for temporary workers and plant visitors who need to enter static controlled areas. The grounders use the conductive yarn in the antistatic fabric to create and maintain contact between the ground and body, optimising static dissipation.

    Sold in packs of 100 for convenience.

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    Disposable Heel Grounder Dispenser

    A yellow colored plastic disposable heel grounder dispenser, featuring an ESD caution logo and type in black print. This dispenser provides a neat storage and dispensing solution for your workplace.

    Backplate features usage instructions for the disposable heel grounders.

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    Earth Bonding Plug 1 x 10mm Stud with 1Meg Resistor

    This Earth Bonding Plug incorporates a 10mm male stud for connection with grounding wire. Available in two options designed to fit UK or European mains plug outlets as required.

    Order yours from stock today.

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    Earth Plug 2 x 10mm Studs & M5 Post

    This ESD bonding plug incorporates 2 x 10 mm Studs and 1 x M5 Post, designed to fit UK and Euro standard mains plug outlets.

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    Earth Plug 2 x M5 Posts

    This ESD Earth Plug incorporates 2 x M5 Post, designed to fit UK and European standard mains plug outlets. With 1M ohm resistor, the plug has a metal earth pin, while the neutral and mains voltage pins are plastic.

    UK or EU plug options available

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    Earth Plug 3 x 10mm Stud

    This ESD Bonding Plug incorporates 3 x 10mm male studs for connection grounding wire. Two options available, designed to fit either UK or European mains plug outlets.


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