Pink Anti Static Bags

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    Pink Anti-Static Bags (Grip Seal)

    Anti-Static poly bags prevent build-up of electrostatic fields in an ESD protected area when storing non-ESD sensitive devices, like as screws and bolts. They do this by dissipating a static charge to ground. The grip-lock seal keeps items safely inside the bag until they’re required.  These quality, blow-molded bags with anti-static additives are made from LDPE & LLDPE.

    Custom sizes and print are available upon request.

    Sold in packs of 100

    From $5.80
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    Pink Anti-Static Bags (Open Top)

    Our Pink Anti-static Bags have the ability to dissipate a static charge to ground preventing static charge building up on the package or device. The material is also anti-static and will not charge up when rubbed against other materials. These bags can be used to safely package/transport your non-ESD sensitive devices within your ESD protected area.

    Available in a wide range of sizes, shop the range today.

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