Pink Antistatic Bags

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    Pink Antistatic Bags (Grip Seal)

    Antistatic poly bags prevent build-up of electrostatic fields in an ESD protected area when storing non-ESD sensitive devices. They do this by dissipating a static charge to ground. The grip-lock seal keeps items safely inside the bag until they’re required.  These quality, blow-moulded bags with antistatic additives are made from LDPE & LLDPE.

    Custom sizes and print are available upon request.

    Sold in packs of 100

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    Pink Antistatic Bags (Open Top)

    Our Pink Antistatic Bags have the ability to dissipate a static charge to ground preventing static charge building up on the package or device. The material is also antistatic and will not charge up when rubbed against other materials. These bags can be used to safely package/transport your non-ESD sensitive devices within your ESD protected area.

    Available in a wide range of sizes, shop the range today.