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ESD Clothing & Static Workwear

ESD Clothing can help prevent damage to sensitive electronic components that are being assembled or packaged within a protected area. The garments and shoes have been specially designed to be comfortable for the user and effective in reducing the damage caused by static generation.

Antistatic clothing is an essential part of many electronic production companies, as well as laboratories, clinical environments, precision engineering environments – and should always be seen as another vital aid in an ESD protective area.

Static control products are there to minimize effects of electrostatic charges being built up from non ESD clothing. We sell ESD lab coats, hi-vis jackets & waistcoats, shoes & clogs, polo, t-shirts and sweatshirts. Call us on +1 512-580-4220 if you require bulk orders.

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    Antistat ESD Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

    Our Antistat ESD short sleeve polo shirts are ideal for use within an EPA area in warm environments. The ESD symbol on the sleeve allows easy identification. Our polo shirts are machine washable on cold only and the EN 61340-5-1 electrical properties are maintained after more than 40 launderings.

    Available in four sizes and four colors.

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    Antistat ESD Short Sleeve T-Shirt

    This high-quality ESD short sleeve t-shirt is designed to be worn within an ESD Protected Area. Unlike conventional clothing which can generate and retain charges, the special knitted fabric of our T-Shirts actively dissipates harmful charges, helping to prevent damage to ESD sensitive components or equipment.

    Available in four sizes and four different colors.

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    Antistatic Disposable Coverall

    This Anti-static Disposable Coverall offers a cost-effective option for your disposable apparel requirements. Designed and manufactured to meet the stringent demands of the cleanroom industry, this coverall is lightweight and low-linting with excellent breathability for operator comfort. The integrated hood, elasticated cuffs and ankles, and zip close function offer the best of function and convenience.

    Available in five sizes from stock.

    From $5.53
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    Anti-Static Disposable Labcoat

    This Anti-static Disposable Labcoat is designed and manufactured to meet the stringent demands of the cleanroom industry. Made from spun-bond polypropylene with ultra-low linting levels, the breathable lab coats offer all the protection required whilst maintaining wearer comfort.

    Available in five sizes and competitively priced, order yours today.

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    Anti-Static Finger Cots

    These 100% natural latex Finger Cots are cleanroom compatible to ISO 5 rating. The non-sterile cots are packaged in anti-static bags for additional security and are available in four different sizes for operator comfort.

    Order yours today.

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    Blue PVC Dotted Palm Gloves – Carbon

    These breathable and comfortable ESD Gloves are knitted with a dissipative carbon filament and feature blue PVC dotted palms to provide additional grip, making them ideal for handling large or heavy ESD sensitive devices.

    Available in four sizes as standard, order yours today.

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    Bouffant Style Pleated Mob Caps

    Our Bouffant Style Pleated Mob Caps provide a comfortable solution to the issue of shedding head hair. The soft, lightweight and breathable caps, manufactured from non-woven polypropylene, have an elasticated fit to contain stray hairs and preserve your clean environment. One size fits all.

    Available to order in quantities of 1,000, bundled in to packs of 100 for ease of stock control.

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    Earloop Facemask

    These disposable Earloop Facemasks are a silicone- free and lint-free hypoallergenic solution for your clean environments. Available sterile, non-sterile, and in an extra-wide option, these comfortable masks with malleable nose piece for better fit are available to buy today.

    From $4.80
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    ESD Dotted Palm & Fingers Striped Glove

    Low-cost Polyester ESD Gloves, suitable for all assembly processes. Manufactured from an elastic, non-bright processed fabric, and containing a continuous filament knitted with a carbon core, these static dissipative gloves also feature dotted palm and fingers for good dexterity and grip.

    Available in a range of sizes.

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    ESD Fleece

    A unisex ESD Fleece for wearing during the cooler months, or for use in low temperature static controlled environments. The warm, polyester material has a 3% carbon fibre element for ESD resistance. The garment features two side pockets, full length front zip fastening and a sewn ESD logo for easy identification of operators.

    Available in nine sizes in either light grey or navy blue.

    From $67.50
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    ESD PU Palm Glove – Carbon Stripe

    A Static Dissipative Knitted Glove with carbon stripe filament and PU coating on the palm and fingertips, they are ideal for handling electronic parts. These gloves, with their natural light grey carbon stripe and white coated palm, have colored cuffs to enable quick visual identification of the size required. White for Small, Green for Medium, Grey for Large and Yellow for Extra Large.

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    ESD PU Palm Gloves – Copper

    Our ESD PU Palm Gloves containing conductive copper are ideal for safely handling electronic parts. Manufactured from 80% nylon and 20% copper (knitted with 13 Gauge) with a polyurethane palm coating, these high-quality gloves – available in a range of sizes – offer the ideal safety solution to prevent damage and avoid downtime.


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