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    Anti-Static Contamination Control Mats

    Our multi-layered, Antistatic Contamination Control Mats are suitable for clean environments up to an ISO 5 rating. Help control particle contamination by capturing debris from the soles of shoes, each mat has 30 peel-off layers, making it easy to maintain a clean, effective surface.

    Available in 3 sizes with 30 sheets per mat, and 4 mats per case.

    From $110.00
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    Tacky Mat

    Our Tacky Mats are multi-layered, low-profile mats made up of 30 easy-peel layers with an adhesive surface. These are essential in clean room areas where particle contamination must be kept to a minimum.

    From $41.25
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    Tacky Mat Frame

    This white, polyboard rigid frame is ideal for encasing multi layer tacky mats and is suitable for placing on wood, carpet and porous surfaces to ensure the mats remain in situ.

    From $126.97