Cleanroom Supplies

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    ESD Wash Bottle

    A durable ESD Safe Wash Bottle with angled nozzle for accurate, even dispensing. This reusable bottle is available in 8oz or 16oz, and is produced from non-greasy, cleanroom safe static dissipative polyethylene.

    Helps to meet ESD-T20.20-2000.

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    ESD Water Bottle

    These high quality ESD Water Bottles are designed to be used within cleanroom and ESD protected areas where workstations must not have items or equipment that generate static charges. The bottle is ideal for dispensing water in order to precision clean equipment, products or delicate instruments.


    Available from stock in two sizes – 8oz or 16 oz.


    Please note: Longer lead times will apply at present due to high production demands.

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    Adhesive Mat

    Our Adhesive Mats are multi-layered, low-profile mats made up of 30 easy-peel layers with an adhesive surface. These are essential in clean room areas where particle contamination must be kept to a minimum.

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    Adhesive Mat Frame

    These frames provide a uniform, effective base for adhering tack mats securely while permitting easy removal of the last sheet. They also enhance the appearance of mats. Frames are held in place by a non-skid base.