Cleanroom Supplies

Cleanroom Supplies

Our cleanroom supplies from our sister company Integrity Cleanroom have a fully certified ISO-9001 product inventory that covers all of your critical environment supplies in one store. A small selection is available for sale below with product inventory that includes disposable cleanroom gloves, cleanroom cleaning equipment, stationery, tacky mats, facemasks, wipers, right through to portable cleanroom tents.

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    ESD Heat Resistant Gloves

    Our ESD Heat Resistant Gloves provide protection against high temperatures in ESD safe areas and cleanroom environments. Suitable for use in ISO 6.

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    PRINCIPLE Class 100 Nitrile Gloves

    PRINCIPLE class 100 nitrile gloves are ambidextrous, with a beaded cuff which has been designed for extra protection.

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    PRINCIPLE Sterile Latex Gloves

    These sterile latex gloves are hand specific, with a longer length beaded cuff which has been designed for extra protection. Available in 8 sizes

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    PRINCIPLE Sterile Nitrile Gloves

    These PRINCIPLE sterile class 100 nitrile gloves are hand specific, with a beaded cuff which has been designed for extra protection.

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    100% Polyester 120gsm Wipes

    These heavy weight laser sealed edge 120gsm cleanroom polyester dry wipes are designed for cleanroom environments where the prevention of particle and fibre release is critical.

    Solvent safe, double-bagged, and vacuum cleanroom packed.

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    Antistatic Contamination Control Mats

    Our multi-layered, Antistatic Contamination Control Mats are suitable for clean environments up to an ISO 5 rating. Help control particle contamination by capturing debris from the soles of shoes, each mat has 30 peel-off layers, making it easy to maintain a clean, effective surface.

    Available in 3 sizes with 30 sheets per mat, and 4 mats per case.

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    Anti-Static Finger Cots

    These 100% natural latex Finger Cots are cleanroom compatible to ISO 5 rating. The non-sterile cots are packaged in anti-static bags for additional security and are available in four different sizes for operator comfort.

    Order yours today.

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    Anti-Static Ring Binders

    These Anti-Static Ring Binders are designed to replace standard high charging insulative binders within the EPA. In portrait orientation, these folders are finished in high quality, permanently anti-static blue PVC and come with either 25mm or 50mm rings. The ESD warning symbol is featured on the front and spine of the ring binder, and there is also a 65mm spine label pocket for efficiency.

    Available in 2 and 4 hole configurations, with either 25mm or 50mm D-ring mechanisms.

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    Cleanroom Adjustable ESD Wrist Straps

    A lightweight, fully adjustable cleanroom ESD wrist strap, comes with a 10mm press stud. Great for use within cleanroom environments. These wrist straps are particle free and easy to clean.

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    ESD Document Wallets

    Open top permanently anti static Document Wallets designed to store documents without generating a static charge, unlike standard office stationery, making them suitable for use within an EPA. Available in A4 and A3 and EN 61340-5-1 compliant, these are an essential product for any EPA.

    Available in packs of 100, in A4 and A3 sizes.

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    ESD Flux Bottle

    Designed for precision dispensing of flux, solvents and lubricants, the high quality ESD flux bottles are made from a static dissipative polyethylene material and are available with either 20 or 26 gauge stainless steel needle tips.

    Part of a range of ESD static dissipative bottles and dispensers for a coordinated look.

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    ESD Round Storage Bottle with Lid

    These durable ESD Round Storage Bottles with Lids are suitable for a range of applications that require protection from static charges. Available in a selection of sizes, these practical bottles can be used for storage, packaging and shipping of cleanroom solvents and chemicals.

    Suitable for use in EPAs and cleanrooms.