Bottles & Containers


Our bottles and containers are effective to use for a variety of applications and industries.

Manufactured from a static dissipative polyethylene with a surface resistivity of 109 to 1010, these bottles are suitable for use in an EPA and are also suitable for cleanroom use.

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    ESD Flux Bottle

    Designed for precision dispensing of flux, solvents and lubricants, the high quality ESD flux bottles are made from a static dissipative polyethylene material and are available with either 20 or 26 gauge stainless steel needle tips.

    Part of a range of ESD static dissipative bottles and dispensers for a coordinated look.

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    ESD Round Storage Bottle with Lid

    These durable ESD Round Storage Bottles with Lids are suitable for a range of applications that require protection from static charges. Available in a selection of sizes, these practical bottles can be used for storage, packaging and shipping of cleanroom solvents and chemicals.

    Suitable for use in EPAs and cleanrooms.

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    ESD Solvent Dispenser

    An ESD safe Solvent Dispenser produced from static dissipative polyethylene and supplied with a pump action lid for simple, hands-free solvent dispensing. This easy to fill container is available in three different sizes to suit your requirements.

    Also suitable for cleanroom use.

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    ESD Spray Bottle – Pump Action

    These high-quality Pump Action ESD Spray Bottles come in a range sizes – 2oz, 8oz and 16oz – to suit many precision cleaning tasks. The durable, static dissipative polyethylene material is designed to withstand continuous use within cleanrooms whilst maintaining a static free environment.

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    ESD Spray Bottle – Trigger Action

    A Hand Triggered ESD Spray Bottle, produced from a durable static dissipative polyethylene allowing an ESD safe method of dispensing liquids within the EPA. Also suitable for cleanroom use, this bottle is available in two sizes: 16oz and 32oz.

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    ESD Storage Container with lid

    Our ESD Storage Container with Lid is ideal for liquid chemical or dry storage. It’s wide mouth makes it easy to fill and dispense from, and the square shape saves space on the work space or in the storage area.

    Available in four sizes from stock.

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    ESD Water Bottle

    These high quality ESD Water Bottles are designed to be used within cleanroom and ESD protected areas where workstations must not have items or equipment that generate static charges. The bottle is ideal for dispensing water in order to precision clean equipment, products or delicate instruments.


    Available from stock in two sizes – 8oz or 16 oz.


    Please note: Longer lead times will apply at present due to high production demands.