ESD wire cutters are designed for delicate 22 AWG and smaller wires. The highly durable antistatic handle and premium Swiss steel make them perfect for working with micro-electronics.

The Swiss-made cutting instruments can be used for precision electronics work, the Antistatic handles help reduce damage from potential ESD that can damage small components. Precision engineered cutting blades help create effective results each time. The combination of angled, oblique angled, Kevlar silk and carbide blades are supplied in 4 ½, 4 ¼, 4 ¾, and 5 inch sizes.

Features and Benefits

  • Cutting is made easy by the high-quality material compounds that make them highly effective
  • Trusted quality workmanship ensures a consistent cut every time
  • Easily maintained and cleaned


  • Cutting fiber optic cables
  • Oblique shear cutters for cutting uniform lengths on PCBs
  • Ultra-fine blades for cutting SMD components down
  • Carbide blades can cut inside 0.004inch stainless wire

Angled Tip

Medium head cutters for cutting horizontal or vertical for 22AWG wire and 0.010 – 0.030 nickel ribbon. Contact us to find out more >>

Electronics Cutter - Antistat

Diagonal Tip

Diagonal semi flush cutter with full tapered head with tungsten carbide blades for hard wire up to 0.020in.
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Diagonal Tip Cutter - Antistat

Fibre Optic

These high-quality cutters are designed for use on fibre optics and Kevlar silks.
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Fibre Optic Cutter - Antistat

Oblique Angled Tip

Oblique 30 degree angled, electronics cutting head with full flush Carbide blades for 18AWG and smaller wires.
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Oblique Cutters - Antistat

PCB Cutter

Oblique shear cutter ideal for cutting leads at uniform specified lengths, with 45-degree angled head. Contact us to find out more >>

PCB Cutter - Antistat

Transverse End

Transverse end cutter for vertical cutting applications, with full flush cut for soft 24AWG and smaller wires. Contact us to find out more >>

Transverse End Cutter - Antistat

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