As part of an ongoing partnership with Farnell, Antistat have continued their research and development to create a new innovative solution to protect individual electronic components in transit and storage.

The Issue:

Damage to high cost, low volume devices caused by existing card and foam shipping solutions.

The Solution:

The new “Clip Chip” package, aimed at high cost, low volume device transportation, has been designed to reduce chip damage and alleviate the high expense of using sealing equipment for devices.

The carrier comes with 4 of the most popular chip sized inserts available to hold the device into the carrier. The design is flexible enough to suit most standard devices preventing pin and general product damage in transit whilst providing an ESD safe packaging solution.

It can also be made from recycled materials helping to reduce the impact on the environment. Additional benefits are waste reduction over the existing non-recyclable foam and card solution.

Key Project Features

  • Helps to prevent pin damage
  • ESD safe packaging
  • Use only what is required

Detailed Drawings

Clip Chip Clip Chip Clip Chip