ESD Equipment

ESD Common Misuses

Common misuses of ESD products – and how they hurt your company

The correct use of ESD products ensures safety for both your employees and your company’s products. Per the recommendations of the ESD Association, ESD safety measures should be implemented in many different areas of your business, including:      Receiving      Inspection      Stores and warehouses      Assembly      Test and inspection      Research and development      Packaging      Field service repair      Offices and laboratories      Cleanrooms When it comes to safety, different areas will require different ESD products. The shipping and receiving sections will require the use of ESD packaging materials and specialized ESD tapes, whereas the assembly department will have a [...]

ESD Gloves

ESD essentials: choosing the right ESD gloves

Cleanrooms and manufacturing work requires a number of different safety procedures in order to protect both the workers and the products being handled from potential dangers like electrostatic discharge. One of the cornerstone elements of cleanroom and manufacturing safety is the use of electrostatic discharge (ESD) gloves. The Basics of ESD Gloves The ultimate goal of an ESD glove is to minimize the amount of static electricity in a particular work environment, such as when handling sensitive electronics or working on a [...]

ESD Matting

The basics of ESD matting: what you need to know

A clean room or manufacturing environment requires a number of items of equipment in order to ensure maximum employee and product safety. One of the most critical pieces of safety equipment is the antistatic mat. These mats, in conjunction with antistatic gloves and standard cleanroom equipment, can significantly lower the overall threat of static electricity damaging sensitive electronic products. As with most safety products, ESD matting comes in many different forms and fashions, in addition to being made with a number of [...]