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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

How much is damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD) costing your business?

As electronic components have reduced in size over the years, their susceptibility to damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD) has increased. This is especially the case during transportation, storage and the manufacturing process itself, as build-up can occur from friction.  This damage can result in failures, reduced reliability, increased rework costs or latent component failures. The cost of in-house failures can be significant, while the cost of a single in-field failure can be enormous.

Although it is difficult to attribute specific failures to ESD damage, by taking the time to evaluate current processes, companies can minimise or prevent possible damage and reliability problems by storing, assembling and handling equipment under electrostatic safe conditions.

ESD packaging is one of the most important safety measures used in manufacturing environments. Antistatic bags and static shielding bags ensure the quality and reliability of your products and components. Moisture barrier bags provide protection against moisture; another key area to be considered in the manufacturing process.

Our packaging solutions include a wide range of storage and transportation solutions such as Corstat conductive corrugated board, ESD storage bins, waffle trays and custom component tubes. Corstat boxes offer a convenient and safe way to store and transport static sensitive devices due to its conductive coating providing Faraday cage protection and the antistatic foam which provides ESD-safe cushioning to protect the box contents.

These specialised packaging solutions enable your products and components to be transported safely from the production line to their final destination reducing damaged goods, refunds and returns.

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