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Pink Antistatic Bags – clearing up the confusion

One way to reduce the risks of ESD events is by using our Pink Antistatic Bags.

Pink anti-static bags are an ideal packaging solution for transporting non-ESD sensitive items into a EPA. In fact, they are the only form of ‘plastic’ bags recognized as being suitable to use in an EPA; conventional plastic bags have the ability to generate and hold in excess of 10,000 volts, which would be disastrous in proximity to static-sensitive electronics.

What are they made from?

Pink antistatic bags are made from a blow-molded, low-density polyethylene (LPDE) material containing an antistatic additive. This strong and lightweight method of storage allows items that are not ESD sensitive into an EPA, as the bags do not generate a static charge.

What level of protection do they give?

The bags have no shielding properties so they won’t protect your recently refurbished motherboard or PCB components from physical contact with static charges. They do however prevent items inside from generating these charges and can be used in an EPA for this purpose.

We offer pink bags in grip seal / re-closable and open top formats in a variety of sizes designed to cater for any application. The bags come in packs of 100 and are shipped around the world via our strategic stocking locations.

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