Splice and Go

How tape splicing prevents manufacturing interruptions when reel counts don’t match production requirements.

Tape splicing lets users join two reels of components together, reducing the need to stop and reload machine feeders.  Antistat’s splice tools, shims, tape extenders and connectors are designed to provide seamless reel-to-reel splicing.

Tools suit both paper and plastic component tapes and the splicing tool joins component tapes quickly and securely using a standard brass shim. For accurate alignment, tapes are first placed onto the splicing tools pins and are then locked into place. A shim is then riveted onto the cut ends of the tapes, joining them securely. The joint is finished using tape connectors to ensure protection.

Splice tape extenders are used for adding extra length to a part reel to reduce component waste. By peeling off the backing tape from the yellow adhesive end and attaching this to the original carrier tape, these extenders can add an extra 19 inches of tape, preventing component reel wastage and helping reduce machine downtime. Lengths of flat carrier tape can be used for reel leaders on partial reel components. Spliced in the same way as reel-to-reel, this extender lets a manufacturer use every component on the reel. Carrier tape is available in all standard tape widths.

The manual splice tool has an ergonomic rubber handle for a soft comfortable grip and can be used with single brass shims. A semi-automatic splice tool eliminates handling of individual shims by pre-loading a bandolier of brass shims into the tool to speed the splicing process. Lock clamps are located at either end of the platen which assist in holding the carrier tape in place and make it easier to splice.

Single and bandolier brass shims provide a secure, precise and reliable connection when joining two tapes. Single shims suit the SMT manual splice tool when joining carrier tape. Bandolier shims are used with the semi-automatic splice tool which holds 20 brass shims.

Splice tape connectors finish off the joint by adding a protective cover ensuring a secure joint. They are available in all standard tape widths.

See our Splice Tape User Guide for our full range.