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Semiconductor Industry Association Funding Call

A San Francisco semiconductor industry trade consortium has called for the American Government to boost domestic funding for chip research and science-based education and ease limits on green cards in an effort to counter China’s investments in chip technology.

The Semiconductor Industry Association, which represents super-brands like Intel, Micron Technology Inc and Nvidia Corp, requested that officials raise federal funding for chip research from a current $1.5 billion to $5 billion over the next 5 years and to double the investment funding for related fields such as materials science.

The SIA group also requested changes to help recruit more skilled workers, making it easier for skilled immigrants from countries such as China and India to obtain permanent U.S. residency. Longer-term, it means boosting education spending to double the number of U.S. science and engineering graduates by 2029.

Semiconductors are America’s fourth-largest export after airplanes, refined oil, and automobiles.
The U.S. semiconductor industry is the worldwide leader with nearly half of global market share.

The semiconductor group wants funding to counter the rise of China’s global chip industry, which has been financing and funding advancing technology along with related fields like AI chips. China imports hundreds of billions of dollars worth of chips but can currently supply only a fraction of its demand domestically. Chinese officials are seeking to change that dynamic and last year fast-tracked plans to bolster the country’s chip industry after the United States banned sales of chips to the Chinese phone vendor ZTE Corp, nearly crippling the company before U.S. officials relented.

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