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The ultimate ESD workstation safety guide

If you work in an environment where ESD (electrostatic damage) is an ongoing concern, it’s extremely important to create a safe ESD workstation space. ESD workstations are usually set up in protective zones called EPAs, or electrostatic protected areas. Many people don’t realize that creating a safe workstation will enhance their productivity and will often reduce costs associated with ESD damage. This guide will cover all the elements you’ll need to properly set up a workstation that is both safe and functional. Setting Up [...]


How to stay protected from electrostatic danger with ESD wrist straps

If you or your workforce spend a significant amount of time working on, or near, sensitive electronic equipment, you may be familiar with the dangers of static electricity. Electrostatic damage is a constant concern for individuals who work in production and computer environments. Manufacturing, warehousing, and many other industries need to take steps to alleviate the risk of ESD events occurring. An effective way to ensure ESD safety is to employ the use of ESD and antistatic equipment and supplies. [...]