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ESD flooring - Antistat

The essential things to know about ESD mats

In many work environments, static electricity is one of the greatest threats to employee safety. A stray spark from an electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause serious harm to an individual and prompt damage to highly sensitive equipment. Because of this, the importance of having proper ESD safety equipment is paramount. Static electricity can be generated several different ways. Using a “ground up” approach is best when preventing electrical build up. To this end, all ESD safety plans should include the presence and [...]

ESD gloves technology - Antistat

How to identify signs of poorly made ESD gloves

ESD gloves are an essential part of safety protocol in laboratories, factories, warehouses, and other manufacturing facilities. They have become a standard part of maintaining safety protocol in cleanrooms and ESD protection areas. High-quality ESD gloves should provide a resistive path from the body to the product, tools, or equipment being handled, such as sensitive electronic equipment and materials with the ability to hold and transfer a charge. Advantages of Nitrile and Vinyl ESD Gloves According to Solid State Technology, nitrile and vinyl gloves help [...]

Safe ESD Workspace - Antistat

How to make your workspace ESD safe

Creating an ESD safe workspace is one of the best things you can do to ensure a productive, secure, happy environment. Electrostatic damage (ESD) is caused by a sudden flow of electricity between two objects. It is often triggered by physical contact. Make it ESD Safe by Minimizing the Risk Tools, workbenches, clothing and electronic equipment can all increase the risk of an ESD event. Because almost all work environments include some variation of these items, it’s necessary to take safety precautions [...]