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3 important changes that will shape the future of manufacturing safety

Manufacturing production in the United States has steadily decreased over the past 16 years. Starting in mid-2000, manufacturing jobs began to disappear at an alarming rate. In 2016 more than five million manufacturing jobs had been lost. Clearly, something has to change if manufacturing wants to become a major player in the U.S. economy once again. Change is never easy, but adaptability is key to the survival of manufacturing. Slowly but surely the industry has begun to evolve. More efficient processes, training, [...]


Auto manufacturers and the risk of electrostatic damage

The number one thing auto manufacturers want to improve is production. Without production, vehicles parts would never be assembled, employees would lose their jobs, and manufacturing as we know it would die. In order to achieve a high level of productivity, auto manufacturers take into consideration a number of factors:      Safety      Efficiency      Training      Processing time      Automated production The list goes on, but safety often carries the most weight. Why? Because an unsafe work environment often leads to problems down the road that cause [...]

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ESD training in the medical industry: what to know

ESD training is a vital aspect of maintaining safety in the healthcare industry. Health and safety requirements in the medical industry are some of the most comprehensive in the country. Those employed by healthcare organizations are expected to understand the basics of maintaining a medically safe environment for themselves and their patients. In addition, doctors, surgeons, and medical staff undergo extensive training to minimize the potential of safety threats while providing patient care. Medical safety training is essential to the operations of hospitals, [...]


What you need to know about static shielding bags

ESD packaging containers, such as antistatic bags and static shielding bags, are some of the most important safety products used in manufacturing environments. Without these specialized containers, it would be virtually impossible to safely transport products and components from the factory floor to their final destination. While antistatic bags and static shielding bags share a similar nomenclature, but don’t let Wikipedia fool you, they each serve a different function when it comes to transporting ESD-sensitive products. All About Antistatic and Static Shielding Bags ESD-focused packaging [...]